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Eco-city Design

Welcome to ecotownZ, (cue gravelly voiceover) the website that will save the world.

Some things this website is not about:

  • Greenwashing.  Sticking a few solar panels and wind turbines on a housing estate does not an eco-city make.

  • Gorgeous, physics-defying buildings whose only real contribution to the environment would be looking cool in it.

  • Giving things up.  It's about improving our quality of life by offering better choices.  All the eco-friendliness is just a happy byproduct.

Eco-city Concept

This is my proposal for an eco-city for 150,000 residents.

Sustainable eco-city concept

It follows the traditional urban form and requires no new technologies – it could have been built in the 1930s.

Walkable Centres

The city is fully pedestrianised, making walking a real pleasure.  The air is clean.  Streets are quiet and safe.

It offers the best of both city and country living.  Not only are there grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. just a short walk from your front door, but so is the countryside.

And you still get to live in a house with a garden.

High Quality Public Transport

Longer journeys within the city are by public transport.  Electric trolleybuses arrive every few minutes, whizzing you around the city without ever getting caught in traffic.

Sustainable eco-city design - central boulevard

Just 24 trolleybuses are required to provide a 4 minute service.

Screened Road Layout

But when you're travelling further afield, or need to transport something heavy around the city, you still have easy access to a car.

And visitors can drive up to the city centre without having to park and ride.