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Car-lite Districts

Living car-lite means using a car when necessary when other modes of transport just aren't practical, or when moving something bulky or heavy but walking/cycling/taking public transport everywhere else.

Car Clubs/Carshare Schemes

What if you find you only have to use your car occasionally?

A car club gives residents easy access to a car when they need it, but without all the expense and hassles of owning a car of their own.

Users pay a small annual membership, and after that it's pay-as-you-go.  Vehicles can be rented by the hour, or for days at a time.  So you only pay for a car when you need it, not when you don't.

Insurance is included in the price.  And someone else takes care of all the servicing and maintenance.

And with a city-wide car club, it would be possible to offer a massive variety of vehicles: small cars; family cars; sports cars and convertibles; pick ups and estates for moving goods; 7-seater people carriers; luxury cars; maybe even specialist vehicles like the tilting Carver One.

Car-lite District A

This layout provides access to a car club (or carshare) car within a 2 minute walk of every home.

Up to a 2 minute walk to a carshare car

I believe this layout offers the best compromise between a fully pedestrian community and nearby access to a car.

Car-lite District B

The ultimate have-your-cake-and-eat-it district, this layout is based on Radburn, New Jersey.

Can park on your own property

The main thoroughfares within the district are still the pedestrian streets.  But here, residents can park their own cars on rear driveways.

Due to the space taken up by the extra roads, gardens would have to be smaller to achieve the same density.  And this layout will tend to encourage greater car use.

Note that the centre of the district remains fully pedestrianised.  High density living and cars do not mix.

Pick 'n' Mix

Both of these district types could be built within the same city, offering residents a choice of lifestyles: easy access to a car club car; or parking at the rear of their property.

Most importantly, both district types maintain an excellent pedestrian environment, with cars tucked away behind buildings, and pedestrians always having priority over drivers.  There's never any waiting for the little green man.